A Week of Writing Whodunnits

10juil.- 14juil.
  • Forfait 5 séances : 450 € *
  • Paiement en 2 fois : 225 €
5 séances de 2h
Participants max : 15
  • LundiJuil. 1014h00 - 16h00
  • MardiJuil. 1114h00 - 16h00
  • MercrediJuil. 1214h00 - 16h00
  • JeudiJuil. 1314h00 - 16h00
  • VendrediJuil. 1414h00 - 16h00
* 10 % de réduction pour les étudiants et les personnes au chômage. Gratuit dans le cadre d’un abonnement annuel.


This week-long writing workshop is for English-speaking budding writers between 9 and 13 with a sixth sense for super-sleuthing, and/ or an appetite for theft, crime, smuggling, and other similarly reprehensible activities.

Together we’ll dissect the bodies of the best detective stories, examine all the key ingredients, and then build devilishly difficult plots, plant clues, fish for red herrings, and people our stories with a wide array of suspects, victims and investigators. At the end of the week, if all goes well and no one’s been taken to prison or inexplicably vanished, we’ll each have written our very own detective short story. 

About Clémentine Beauvais

I write children’s literature in French and English, including far too many detective stories to be trusted to look after precious objects; no child, however, has ever mysteriously disappeared under my watch (yet). I am the author, among other things, of the Sesame Seade mystery series (published by Hodder), where a vast quantity of people and animals get stolen, poisoned, or locked inside secret passages and dusty cupboards. In French, I’m the author of Carambol’anges, a mystery story that takes place mostly in the clouds, and I write regularly for detective story children’s magazine Moi je lis. My super-sleuths generally move around on roller-skates, gliders, scooters, or other variously unsafe contraptions, when they’re not climbing up the walls of Gothic buildings. Aside from giving children such excellent ideas for outdoor activities, I am a lecturer in Education at the University of York.

Selective bibliography:

Sesame Seade stories: Sleuth on Skates, Gargoyles Gone AWOL and Scam on the Cam, Hodder Children’s Books.

The Crime Club: Mischief and Mayhem (book of detective short stories), Egmont. 

Le mystère de la falaise, Diamants et Cucurbitacées and Le prisonnier de Saint-Isidore, magazine Moi je lis 

Carambol’anges : L’affaire Mamie Paulette, Sarbacane.